About Me

Hi there!

My name is Sophia and I run this site, Tasting and Living, where I share my tips for living a clean and green lifestyle.


What does living clean and green mean to me?

Living clean and green means focusing on healthy eating, avoiding chemicals in home & body products and being environmentally conscious in everyday choices I make.


What will you find on my site?

On Tasting and Living, you’ll find everything from eco-tourism travel tips, recipes for healthy foods, ways to make simple switches to healthy alternatives, yoga tips, how to be environmentally conscious in the home.



About Me

I’m a mother who works from home. While this presents certain challenges, my daughter Grace and I are a tight unit. I do everything I can to make money online so that I can spend as much time in the home as possible. My daughter is currently in public school but I’d love to make the move to homeschooling eventually, with the support of my husband Levi.


I’ve always been passionate about healthy choices – about my body, food and the environment, so this blog was a natural step for me. While I don’t focus on “mommy blogging”, I am a parent and do write a little about life with a child but this blog is for me. Writing is my passion and it’s what keeps me sane on those long days stuck at home in the winter months.