Halloween comes around every year and the treats for the trick or treaters are almost always the same (candy and junk food). However, think about your own children if you have them and think about what you would want them to eat. If you don’t have children think about the healthiness of the children that come to your door. Candy isn’t always the best choice. You can still give them tasty treats and there are actually 5 healthy Halloween treats that you can make for trick or treaters each year.

Make Your Own Fruit Snacks

Fruit snacks are a favorite for so many children. Not only are they sweet but they are chewy and tasty too. You can make your own homemade fruit snacks that are healthy and full of Vitamin C too. There are actually many different fruit snack recipes that your trick or treaters will love.

Granola Bars w/ Chocolate Chips

Chocolate chips are something that most children love too and you can put these into some healthy granola bars. Many children will actually love this idea because a granola bar is much bigger than a little candy bar that they might get. You can find many homemade granola bars with chocolate chips that are both sweet and tasty too. It is recommended not to use nuts though because there are so many children who are allergic to them.

Make Your Own Applesauce

Another great treat for your trick or treaters is applesauce. There are many homemade recipes out there that allow you to make your own applesauce too. You can use creative packaging and whip up some tasty applesauce. This won’t go bad and the children will love it.

Raisins Covered w/ Dark Chocolate

While raisins are not necessarily making a treat on your own, you can cover them in chocolate to add a bit more uniqueness. These raisins covered w/ dark chocolate are healthy treats for your trick or treaters and they are a great option to replace handing out candy bars. They are also full of antioxidants too.

Make Your Own String Cheese Sticks

Another great option that most children will really enjoy is string cheese sticks. Many children love to pull apart string cheese and they may actually enjoy string cheese sticks more than some other treats too. They are healthy and they are fun for the kids too.

Create Your Own Fruit Yogurt

You can also make your own fruit yogurt to hand out in packages to your trick or treaters too. Almost every kid loves some good yogurt and you can make some from home that is full of potassium to help those children build their bones strong. It also has a lot of Vitamin B and other vitamins too. Yogurt is a fun treat and one that the children can enjoy that night or even in the morning too.

Trick or treaters need to stay healthy because for the most part they are just little children and even the teenagers and adults who go trick or treating need to stay healthy too. For the most part, they are going around and getting candy bars, junk treats and bags full of sugar and unhealthy foods. You don’t have to stick with the norm. You can hand out healthier treats to your trick or treaters. The choices above may be the right choice for you and you can even have fun making these ideas too. Try them this year and see how you and your trick or treaters enjoy them.

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