Going vegan is one of the best things you can do for yourself, for the planet, for the environments and for the animals. We lives in a society where most of our food and meals are based around animal products so it can seem like a big task. However, we also live in a world where switching to a vegan diet is becoming a bit more common so there are more products out there you can try making the transition smooth. It’s a great thing to do and here are some different tips for going vegan and loving every minute of it!

Research: Knowledge is power. Not only will doing your research give you even more motivation for making this life change but it will also help guide you as to how to do it the healthiest way possible.

Get the Right Gear: It’s a good idea to get some new cooking tools. Buying a rice maker can make the vegan transition easy as cake! Rice is a simple easy vegan staple for making meals like stir fries, curries, Mexican meals and Buddha bowls. The other thing that can make going vegan a lot easier is an air fryer. An air fryer is a great tool particularly if you want to do a high carb low fat vegan diet. You can “fry” things like tofu and potatoes without the need for any oil.

Skip the Diet: Dieting doesn’t actually work for you and it’s not a good idea to deny your body of the calories and nutrients that it needs. Dieting just leads your body to storing your calories because it isn’t sure when it is going to get more and then your metabolism slows. Switching to vegan is way better than dieting as you are actually making your body healthier.

Be Aware: As you’re making the transition it’s a good idea to keep a food journal. Take notice of how your body feels and how it correlates to what you are eating. Doing this for a month is important to realize how what you’re currently eating is negatively affecting your body.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race: For many of us, this is a huge change to make and therefore it’s important to take it slowly. Figure out what is currently in your diet that is bad for you and replace one thing each week.

Shop Smart: Never go into the story hungry or without a list. Entering a store like this will lead to leaving with junk food from your old life. Go in knowing exactly what you want for a much better experience.

New Foods: As you’ve started cutting old favorites, be excited by all the new favorite foods you are finding! Tofu will probably become a big part of your diet so check out all they very many ways you can cook it and have fun sampling all of them.

Stay Positive: Focusing on all the foods you’re not eating is not going to help you. It’s so much better to think about how amazing our planet is and how much natural, healthy food it allows us to grow and consume to thrive on. It’s an amazing thing and we are lucky!


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