Life and love is like a game, almost as if one was to play table games at – many times the numbers chosen to bet on roulette or stick with while playing blackjack are numbers that you love and are connected too on a deeper pshycholigcal level. This being said, the games become an expression of love and fun. This is why you should know the game you are playing to make sure you do not miss out on your chance at love. Out of all the games that life throws your way, love is definitely the one game you do not want to lose. The following are a few helpful tips to help you win at love and find the right one.

Completely Free

One sign that might reveal that you found the right person is you can be yourself. Of course, this will only work if you are the type of person that usually has a hard time just being ‘you’ with the person you are with. So the chances that you found the right person are high if you can just burp without worrying, or you do not feel the need to run to the restroom before your partner wakes up.

Putting Out Fires

This might seem a little strange, but those arguments you are going to have are a good thing in a way. The fact is you have found the right person if you can work through a problem together. Problems, which you can call fires in this case, cannot feel like they are going to end the relationship or burn the house completely. The right one is not going to be on the verge of breaking up with you every time he or she gets angry.

Lights You Up

It may be a little cliché, but truth is finding the right one also does something to you. The right one is likely going to make you want to be better in some way. Do not confuse this sign because this does not mean that the person you are with is going to force you to do things one way or another. The right one should not try to change you so that you fit his or her own idea of you. The right one is going to make you want to improve yourself or, in other words, light something up inside of you that you were not even aware of.

Magic is Everywhere

This does not mean that animals from the forest are suddenly going to surround you two and sing silly songs, but it does mean that you will see magic in the mundane. One of the signs that you found the right person for you is that he or she makes something lame seem suddenly cool. What might seem boring to you now is not going to be boring if it is coming from the person that you belong to. This could be anything from talking about a packet of ketchup you left in the fridge to choosing the right tea.

Hopefully these signs make finding the right one a little easier. You are now ready to take a chance on your potential mate. Now, go and win one of the most important games life is going to throw at you.


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