Taking care of your skin is more than just going to the store and searching through endless skin care products. In fact, there is a much easier, much more affordable and much safer way to take care of your skin. Did you know that there are many skin care treatments that you can make right from your own kitchen? How great is that? Well, it really is amazing and you are about to find out how you can take ordinary kitchen ingredients that you use on a regular basis and transform them into products to help take care of your skin.

Oats are for More than Just Cereal

Oats really are great in omega-3s, fiber, iron and more. They have been shown to be a blood sugar regulator too. However, did you that oats can be used as a skin care product too? Some of the amazing and surprising skin care treatments that you can use oats for include treating acne, getting rid of dry skin, moisturizing your skin, taking care of itchy skin, treating itchy skin, cleansing your skin, protecting your skin, and much more. Oats are now more than just a breakfast food.

Face Scrub Made with a Base of Yogurt

Many people have enjoyed eating yogurt for breakfast, for a snack and sometimes even as a side dish for meals and desserts too. However, now you can make a face scrub made with the base of yogurt. This may seem weird for a moment but check it out. First of all, using yogurt as a face scrub is one of the best exfoliation treatments you could ever have. It is also a very natural way to scrub your face too. To make the best yogurt face scrub you will use yogurt, brewer’s yeast, Manuka honey (which heals your skin), and almond meal. Together these ingredients will improve the circulation of the blood in your skin allowing you to have skin that feels fresher, smoother and that really glows as well.

The Joys of an Egg and Clay Mask

Another great skin care treatment that you can make right from your kitchen is the egg and clay mask. Yes, you read that correctly you are going to be using eggs on your skin. It is much healthier and much better for your skin than you might think. The egg and clay mask will deep clean your skin and protect it from the sun and the dirt too. This is one of the best natural firming masks you will ever make. The combination for making this mask includes egg whites, corn flour, chamomile oil, and clay. Eggs are more useful than you thought, right?

Great Use for Apple Cider Vinegar

Now that you have read about how you can use oats, yogurt, and the egg and clay mask for treating your skin, you should know a little bit about how apple cider vinegar can help you out. Were you aware that this type of vinegar is a great face toner? It actually works on your skin to make your skin tighten up reducing sagging and it makes your skin brighten up too. All you have to do to make this skin care treatment option is to use around 1 tbsp. of apple cider vinegar with just a couple of water drops. Then you dab the mixture onto a cotton ball and apply to your skin 2 to 4 times each week.

Making skin care treatments right from the comfort of your own home really has never been easier. Oats, yogurt, eggs and clay, and apple cider vinegar are your new secrets to properly caring for your skin. Use them today!

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