There are tons of green apps on the mobile market right now but which ones are actually helpful? If you want to make your smartphone more useful by downloading green apps that provide fun and creative ways to recycle and make life greener, here are three apps for you.

Green Genie

This is probably the best app to have when you’re trying to think of ways on how you can recycle that old box of toys or jars. Green Genie has over 100 projects that range from making your own grocery bags to recycling paper properly.

The app has a glossary of terms that green organizations use in most of their articles so if you’ve found yourself reading a lot about sustainable energy recently, Green Genie is a good app to have.

If you’re very particular with using plastic, the app also gives information about the chemicals used in making food packaging. So if you’re against supporting products that can’t be recycled, Green Genie is there to help you make a decision.


The carbon footprint humans leave everyday is very alarming. If you’re one of the people who actually care about the carbon footprint that humans leave, CarbonTrack is a nice app to have. It gives users information on carbon emissions and how to effectively reduce them. The gauge that CarbonTrack shows can effectively make people think twice about using their car when they simply need to go somewhere near.

Go Green

Go Green is a fun app that gives users random advice on how to keep themselves warm in summer or how they can effectively reduce the cost of office supplies. The app is literally a fountain of knowledge when it comes to recycling things or reducing trash so if you need a quick guide in doing things the green way, Go Green is a nice app to have around.

Perhaps there’s no better way to disseminate information than by spreading it with the use of the Internet. With apps, spreading information is easier since most people now have a smartphone, which has changed the way people do things since they’ve became a huge part of people’s lives. Gaming Realms, the software company that creates and hosts slot games for online consumption, suggests that the massive shift from using PC to smartphones can be attributed to the latter’s advanced Internet capabilities. Today, people don’t need to actually find a PC to start researching things; all they have to do is open their smartphones and find the information that they’re looking for with just a few swipes.

Do you use an app that helps you live green? Share it with everyone else in the comments section!

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